Why this Opportunity is a Cut Above Others

Interior shot of Diesel Barbershop's front desk.

Diesel Barbershop

Diesel Barbershops were born out of one man’s vision to bring back a haircut experience where men could get a haircut, a close shave, and some good-natured male bonding. Rhino7 is pleased to help usher back this golden age: Diesel is a modern-day version of the old corner barbershop: part salon, part old-school record store, and part arcade. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines great grooming and fair prices with a safe space for guys to talk sports, politics, movies, and history, grab a beer or simply shoot the breeze with their barbers and other customers. In other words, just be themselves.

Man receiving a hair wash at Diesel Barbershop.

Why the barbershop industry?

The haircare industry has an annual revenue of $26 billion. The barbershop industry’s annual revenue is approaching $2 billion, with men’s grooming being the fastest growing segment. Currently, 81% of salons fail to market to men, so the opportunity to capture this virtually untapped audience is ripe and waiting to be filled.

How many Diesel Barbershops are there?

Currently, six. The first Diesel Barbershop opened in 2011 in San Antonio, TX, and Rhino7 is thrilled about Diesel’s great ROI.

Scissors and shears for cutting hair.

Business Model Options

Single and multi-shop offerings: The owner runs the business part-time, overseeing the staff and growing the business.

Area Representatives: Area Reps help find and support franchisees, and share in their fees and royalties.

Semi-absentee Business Model: The owner is trained to oversee and manage managers. Managers oversee the staff full time and help to grow the business.

The interior of Diesel with a row of barbershop chairs and movie posters on every inch of the walls.

Who and What is Diesel?

Founder Shayne Brown grew up playing in his mother’s hair salon, but when he ventured out into the world, he discovered that all the cool old barbershops of his youth had been replaced with gossipy, expensive salons. So, he decided to rebuild the old-school barber shop from the ground up—and in fact, built something better.

Brown’s 20+ year journey included feathered hair, mullets, goatees, and faux hawks. Today, Diesel offers more than just a shave and a haircut. From fades and flat tops to the “George Clooney” to make older gentlemen feel younger, Diesel features a full range of grooming services ranging from simple trims for just ten bucks, up to a full-service grooming that combines a haircut, scalp massage, hot towel treatment and a relaxing shoulder massage with an awesome hot lather face shave.

Learn more about Shayne and this cutting-edge franchise opportunity with Diesel Barbershop.

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