What Are Today’s Top Trending Franchise Categories?

What Are Today’s Top Trending Franchise Categories02

Once you’ve determined that a franchise business is a good investment and the right opportunity for you to succeed and grow your skills, the next step is figuring out what kind of franchise business is right for you. One way to help determine what kind of franchise is likely to be successful is to look at the franchise businesses that are successful.

Rhino 7’s brands alone run the gamut from businesses that give customers what they need (like employment or storm restoration services) to restorative personal services to things they didn’t even know they wanted until they got them (like fancy lashes).

Here are some of the hottest franchise business categories in the country right now, so take a closer look and think about what franchise opportunity might be right for you.

Personal Beauty and Grooming Services

How we look can often boost how we feel and health and beauty services nationwide are booming. But the market for personal attention has long since moved past the “shave and a haircut” phase into a much wider variety of personal beauty and grooming experiences. Two of our brands fall into this fast-growing category with Diesel Barbershop (where guys can come by to hang out, watch some TV, groove along to some rock n’ roll and maybe get a haircut) and Flirty Girl Lash Studio (where customers can get customized lash extensions ranging from naturally shy to extra glam).

Remember, while this category also includes blockbuster franchises like Great Clips and Cost Cutters, a unique take on a franchise category can attract loyal, dedicated customers that might not otherwise be attracted to a franchise business.

Boutique Fashion

Boutique fashion has long been a popular franchise business category but in recent years subscription boxes like Stitch Fix and Le Tote as well as high-end consignment fashion businesses like Rags Consignment in Boulder, Colorado have shifted the market, opening up a more specific customer base that is more in tune with both value and style. Today, boutique fashion franchises like Apricot Lane and our own Scout & Molly’s are on the upswing by offering a unique mix of vintage-chic style and personalized service, making them a valuable franchise operation for any ambitious, fashion-conscious entrepreneur.

Recruiting Services

The gold watch rewarded at retirement after decades of service to a single enterprise is an artifact as antiquated as chimney sweeps. Professionals today move around at lightning speed, especially in particularly hot job markets like Austin, Boulder, Portland and Silicon Valley. Because the need is great on the part of employers and highly-trained professionals understand how to evaluate and negotiate job offers, staffing and recruiting franchises like All About People Staffing and Rhino 7’s own All About People have become valuable opportunities to impact the lives of their customers.

Child Enrichment

People treasure nothing more than their children, and parents are willing to spend some money to ensure their kids are getting the most valuable and enriching experiences available. It’s no wonder that this has become one of the fastest-growing franchise categories as parents invest in experiences ranging from coding to cooking and swimming to science. Particularly attractive franchises include experiential businesses that offer kids hands-on experiences ranging from Code for Kids to School of Rock.

There is a wealth of other franchise business categories to explore, including the ever-expanding world of Asian cuisine, the wide range of fitness-related franchise businesses, health services, and pet products and services. Explore our blog for more tips, strategies and intelligence that could help you become the latest franchise success.

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