Jim Wollman

Franchise Development Manager

Jim is an expert in the small business franchising industry. In the last 28 years, he’s introduced and grown 14 different franchise brands & start-ups into national systems with 1,300+ new units coast-to-coast.

Jim has assisted small business owners in expanding their empires and diversifying their investments. When those business owners were ready to realize their salable assets, he’s coached them on how to sell & maximize their results. He has been involved in the sale of more than 300+ established small retail and hospitality businesses.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Stout, with a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management, Jim managed food & beverage operations and national account convention sales for Marriott Corp in the Mid-West and South-West region for 7 years.

Jim has a long-standing passion for helping entrepreneurs to build income and grow equity for their family’s future.

Born & raised in the Western Metro of the Twin Cities, Jim lives with his wife, Shelly, and their 4 kids in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

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