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Staff Profile: Meet David Hines

rhino7_Staff Profile_Meet David Hines

As the individual in charge of broker relations at Rhino7, it’s no surprise that David is the quintessential people person. With his friendly disposition and readiness to jump through whatever hoops necessary, he cultivates the many long-term relationships Rhino7 has with hundreds of professional franchise consultants. His primary responsibility is to ensure that these consultants know everything they need to know about the franchise brands that Rhino7 represents. With David on the job, every last question is answered; every t crossed, every i dotted.

Behind the Scenes
Behind the ScenesDavid is also the man who keeps Rhino7’s web portal running like a well-oiled machine – a machine that runs on information that is. From maintaining and updating the lead database to recording, editing and posting validation calls online, he also ensures Rhino7’s development managers have the pertinent information they need. It’s all part of keeping the systems and tools in place that keep Rhino7’s track record of success going strong.

“Every Day Is Different”
Every Day Is DifferentVariety is why he loves his job, with the opportunity to work on different businesses and projects each day and to keep expanding his knowledge of franchise development. He’s grateful to share his alma mater of Western Carolina University (where he graduated with a BS in Business Administration & Law) with Rhino7’s CEO Doug Schadle. Having worked at Rhino7 for seven years, David couldn’t be happier.

Networking Off the Clock
Networking Off the ClockOutside of the office, David enjoys spending time with his large network of friends, including one new best friend: Gus, his adorable Labrador and Boxer mix. Another task that follows him home: information. He’s currently doing some very important research in preparation for the Fantasy Football drafts. And when college basketball season begins, you’ll find him faithfully cheering on Duke.

David can be reached at 919-977-9521 or davidhines@r7fdc.com.

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