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Maintaining the relationships between consultants and franchisees is a key element of success at Rhino7 and new hire Cortney Singletary is working hard to support that function in her support role with Consultant Relations. She comes from a rich background providing customer service in the retail sector and is augmenting her experience by pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management in an evening and weekend program near her office in Cary, North Carolina.

Keeping People Connected

Keeping People ConnectedCortney says her role encapsulates many different dimensions of Rhino7’s many business functions. In addition to serving as the liaison between Franchise Development Managers and the Rhino7 company, she also spends a lot of time providing members of Rhino7’s many constituencies with vital information ranging from available territories to more detailed information about our brands. By providing consultants and clients information about fees, franchises, and the process involved, Cortney often works in congress with consultants to carry a franchisee from start to finish.

“The thing that caught my eye about this opportunity was that it was a chance to try something completely new, fresh, and different,” says Cortney. “It really makes me step up and challenge my skills. It’s my job to make our consultants and franchisees really rely on me as a vital part of this business by bringing my knowledge and skills to others.”

Learning on the Job

Learning on the JobOne of the primary elements that attracted Cortney to this new opportunity was the chance to learn new skills. Currently, that means shadowing Brian Garoutte, Rhino7’s Sr. Vice President of Franchise Development, once a week.
“It’s really interesting learning how he speaks to the business community,” says Cortney. “We call the consultants to make sure everything is going well, answer questions about our brands, and get our brands out in front of consultants and franchisees. In listening to him, you realize this is an endless business. It wasn’t something that I was familiar with before, so I’m literally learning something new every day.”

A Positive Environment

A Positive EnvironmentCortney’s enthusiasm for her role at Rhino7 is contagious, and you can almost hear her smile when asked how she likes her job.

“I love my job! I really do!” she exclaims. “The work environment offers nothing but positivity in a job where everyone supports one another. Everybody is always willing to help me, and help me learn. We have a small office and a small team but there’s a lot of power in the information we have, the team in general, and the company on its own. There’s just so much growth and opportunity here.”

Work-Life Balance

Work Life BalanceCortney says one advantage of switching from retail customer service to the franchise business is a better sense of work-life balance. “In some ways, the franchise business is very synonymous with the retail sector because they’re both driven by supply and demand. At the same time, retail is one of the hardest industries to work in because of the demand on your flexibility.”

As a full-time employee and a part-time student, Cortney is clearly working hard to meet the demands of her responsibilities. At the same time, she still finds time to enjoy a variety of pastimes including reading, traveling, and spending time with her family.

“I’m your average girl, so I love to shop,” she laughs. “I’m also a big family and friends person, coming here from Durham. We’re the type of family that eats together every Sunday and we see each other all the time. My life is all about spending time with my family, working hard, and trying to accomplish my goals.”

Cortney can be reached at 919-977-9522 or

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