Scout & Molly’s Unique Boutique


On an almost daily basis, the Rhino7 team is approached by franchisors who want to grow their franchise brands and want Rhino7’s help in doing it. Choosing the right brands to work with is a sophisticated art that requires deep experience, methodical evaluation and a great deal of good, old-fashioned intuition.

When first approached by Lisa Kornstein, CEO of Scout & Molly’s Boutique to talk about franchising, Rhino7 saw an immediate opportunity because they knew there was no dominant player in the $25 billion clothing boutiques industry in the U.S. They quickly envisioned that they could help this small but wildly successful concept, focused on selling one-of-a-kind styles, with top brands, in a highly personalized store environment, grow into an industry leader. And they set out to do just that.

Today, the Scout & Molly’s concept is attracting a steady stream of prospective franchise buyers who love the idea of a fun, profitable business that requires a low up-front investment, and has the potential to deliver a great ROI – even for the semi-absentee owner.

The Scout & Molly’s customer values personalized service. She expects the store staff to be knowledgeable about the products, and she wants to be heard. She enjoys the cozy ambience and the unique merchandise that only a boutique can offer. When she has a good experience, she’ll come back, and she’ll also tell her friends. Franchisees who understand these simple but important dynamics and cater to them – or hire managers who will – can become very successful.

Add to that the proven model that Rhino7 has created to shepherd franchisees through site selection, lease negotiations, build-out, full training and strong marketing support, and there is virtually no limit to what a Scout & Molly’s franchise owner can achieve.