Rhino7’s John Cohen Talks About Misleading Online Complaints

John Cohen

Rhino7 Franchise Development Corporation has been the leading U.S. provider of franchise services since 1999, when co-owners Doug Schadle and John Cohen founded the organization. In the years since, Schadle and Cohen have nurtured the stellar reputation that Rhino7 enjoys in the franchising industry, among franchisors, consultants, and franchisees alike.

For Rhino7, integrity, honesty, and honorable business practices mean everything. So, when misleading or outright false information appears on internet sites and puts a blemish on the Rhino7 reputation, Cohen and Schadle pay attention.

Success stories from Rhino7 franchisors shine a light on the integrity and dedication Rhino7 brings to every client relationship. PRO Martial Arts® is a fast-growing string of martial arts studios, whose founder, Master Ed Samane, spoke earlier this year about the ways the Rhino7 team helped to grow his business. And Storm Guard™, an insurance restoration business model, continues to sell franchises across the country. In fact, this summer Cohen and Schadle put the ultimate stamp of approval on founder Jim Linehan’s idea: they themselves became Storm Guard franchisees.

And connected with every rising star like Samane, Linehan and others are the hundreds of satisfied, thriving franchisees who owe a significant measure of their business success to the efforts and integrity of Rhino7.

Not every Rhino7 franchise offering becomes a Cohen/Schadle business holding, of course. But every franchisor relationship is tremendously valuable to the Rhino7 team, and franchisors are treated accordingly. That, Cohen said, is because Rhino7 is picky about the franchisors and franchise concepts it will take on.

“We’re very selective about whom we work with. For every franchisor we contract with, we turn away close to one hundred,” he said. “Signing up clients and collecting fees, only to see a franchise idea collapse, doesn’t interest us in the least. We’re in it for long-term success, the franchisor’s, and ours as well, naturally. We need our franchisors to be as committed to their own success as we are.”

“That’s why our relationships with clients are so important. We see those relationships as long-term commitments. They require our honesty, our transparency, our accountability. And we look for the same from our clients,” Cohen said.

“Because we place such value on these qualities, it’s disappointing to me and Doug when we learn about misleading stories of unfortunate franchisee experiences with Rhino7 clients that have shown up on one or two internet complaint forums. We feel that responding directly to the misinformation posted on those sites gives the posts more credibility than they deserve,” Cohen said.

“Here’s what we would want folks who have seen that stuff to know. First, because of our regard for client relationships, understand that we wouldn’t let a matter get out of hand the way it’s been described on those sites. Whether it comes from a dissatisfied franchisor or an unhappy franchisee, if we’re made aware of a concern or problem, we address it and take care of it.”

“Second, here’s the best way I know for Rhino7 to respond to the false information posted on the complaint site. If you’re a franchisor with an idea you’d like to take to Rhino7, but you’re concerned about anything you’ve read that makes you question our reputation, remember that every story has two sides. And then, just ask us. I’m very, very confident I can set your mind at ease.”