Rhino7 Does a Redesign


Rhino7 is proud to present our completely redesigned website! We feel it represents our brand as we continue to grow, providing our clients with a wealth of information that’s visually captivating and easy to navigate.

Our Goal

our-goalUser experience was the driving concern behind our website redesign. Whether it’s a potential client seeking to learn more about us or a staff member seeking back-end access to the info on the brands they manage, our web visitors can easily and immediately reach their destination. Our homepage was designed as a parallax slider that tells the web visitor the story of exactly what Rhino7 has to offer, with the option to click through to reach additional details on each of the services we offer. Our login panel appears a hidden, tabbed panel, out of the way when not needed, but easily accessible for those seeking to reach the back-end. A simple, consistent navigation bar gives a clear route to reach any section within our website, without the need for the user to “dig around”.



contentWith a new design, we felt that some new and improved content was only fitting. We wanted the information to spark interest in our readers. Prior to our redesign, we had a lot of text throughout the site, making the presentation of the information overwhelming. Now the site is filled with simplified but valuable material.


photographyAnyone can create a design or animations and place them on a website. However, we wanted our visitors to get more personal with our team. This is why we implemented professional photography. Not only does the photography showcase our team in an artistic way, but it has made our website more professional and sleek in design.

Access Us Anywhere

access-us-anywhereWe couldn’t have redesigned our website in today’s mobile-driven world without ensuring that it offered the same quality user experience on a phone or tablet screen, as on a desktop. While web visitors could access our previous website from mobile devices, it was difficult and dysfunctional to navigate. Our new website is fully responsive, adapting the most crucial elements of the user interface (navigation, login panel, homepage slider) to the screen size it’s being viewed in, making the mobile experience as user-friendly as possible!

We hope you are just as excited as we are. Please feel free to take a look around and explore the new and improved Rhino7 website!








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