Rhino 7 Calls This Franchise Sales Conference a Big Success

Minnesota-based FranChoice is among the industry leaders in the business of connecting aspiring business owners with franchise opportunities. Rhino 7 Franchise Development Corporation attended FranChoice’s franchise sales conference in Nashville, Tennessee from July 10-12. For John Cohen, Doug Schadle and their sales staff, the FranChoice conference provided a venue where Rhino 7 could spotlight two of their top franchise concepts, in front of an audience of franchise sales consultants in charge of pitching business models to new entrepreneurs.

Cohen, the president and co-founder of Rhino 7, described the mission of the FranChoice conference. “It’s attended by the franchisor clients of FranChoice, along with the company’s franchise sales consultants,” he said. “My people and I were there for the meet-and-greet aspects of the conference, certainly. It’s important to our success that we stay well-connected with the top sales performers at FranChoice.

“There were excellent training opportunities, too, for the consultants as well as for the franchisors. And Rhino 7 had the chance to re-launch one of our franchise brands, and refresh another one. Our team left the conference extremely energized about having had the opportunity to do those things.”

Franchise sales consultants attended breakout seminars at the conference designed to sharpen their skills in assisting new candidates through the franchise selection process. And franchisor clients of FranChoice were trained on new and effective ways to interact and benefit most fully from their work with the franchise sales consultants.

storm-guard-logoRhino 7 generated some real excitement among the franchise sales consultants with the reintroduction of the Storm Guard Insurance Restoration™ franchise model. “I’m not sure if it’s due to something we did differently or maybe a little better, but at this conference, the consultants really grabbed onto the Storm Guard idea,” Cohen said. “As soon as we all returned to the Rhino 7 office when the conference was over, there were Storm Guard inquiries waiting for us, and they have kept coming in.”

pro-martial-arts-logoThe growth in franchise sales of a more established Rhino 7 offering, PRO Martial Arts®, hooked the attention of consultants as well. “The numbers are really all you need in order to understand the success of PRO Martial Arts,” Cohen said. “As of the last FranChoice conference six months ago, there were franchise sales of 57 licenses and 11 dojos (martial arts studios) were open. At the conclusion of this conference, the numbers are 148 licenses and 37 dojosRhino 7 is proud of that growth, and we think that if there were any skeptics left among the consultants about PRO Martial Arts, that kind of success will erase it.”