How Rhino 7 Emboldens Flirty Girl Lash Studio to Bring Beauty Nationwide

The front desk area of a Flirty Girl Lash Studio.

Sometimes all of the elements to transform a business into a franchise are all right in front of entrepreneurs but they need some technical help and a little encouragement to replicate their model. That’s our role here at Rhino 7 and it’s definitely been a big part of our relationship with Flirty Girl Lash Studio, one of the most innovative businesses we know.

The business was launched in 2012 when Chrystal and John Rockwell opened up the first Flirty Girl location in a salon suite.

Within a year, she owned three locations and it was clearly time for a bigger space. About two years ago, she met Doug Schadle, our CEO and co-founder, who took to Chrystal and her marvelous idea for a fun lash and brow studio instantly. In 2018, Rhino 7 and Chrystal formally formed a partnership to franchise Flirty Girl.

Inside a Flirty Girl lash studio where clients are getting eyelash extensions done.

“I really liked Chrystal immediately,” Schadle says. “First, the thing I liked best about Flirty Girl was the people, and how they treated other people. They really put franchisees first and they really understand the lash industry so it’s a very comfortable match.”

Another factor in Schadle’s decision to help develop Flirty Girl’s emerging brand is its unique positioning in the $80 billion beauty industry.

“Flirty Girl is a catalyst in an industry that has exploded,” Schadle explains. Chrystal has created a platform in the lash sector, which more importantly is a high repeat industry, meaning customers come back over and over again. Typically, beauty doesn’t go backwards. It’s like when someone starts getting their nails done, they don’t typically stop. On an average of two or three weeks, lashes fall out from natural attrition so they have to come get the treatment again. In an age of Amazon, this is a completely unique business that is service-based, scalable, and it works.”

Sales of Eyelash Extension are Soaring in the $80 Billion Beauty Industry

In fact, one recent report shows that the sales value of eyelash extensions in the United States has grown from about $125 million in 2015 to more than $200 million in 2017, with 2018 sales projected to hit nearly $300 million. Meanwhile, ABC News recently reportedthat the market could easily hit more than $1.5 billion in the next five years in product alone.

In describing the partnership, Schadle reiterated the roles that both Rhino 7 and Flirty Girl’s leadership must play in order to achieve success.

Close up of a women getting eyelash extensions.

“There are really two sides to it,” he continues. First, you need to teach the franchisees, helping every week, helping stay on budget, maintain performance and pretty much grow the business forever. The second element is the technical side to teach managers how to run a Flirty Girl Lash Studio. What we’ve really learned over the years is that you need both side of that equation in order to be successful.”

As we’ve discussed here before, one of the key elements is not only finding a business model that works but also figuring out how to replicate that success.

“Every Flirty Girl is run the same way,” says Schadle. “As a franchisor, you want to put a plan in place early, and stay ahead. We’re very excited about this opportunity and eager to watch Flirty Girl grow.”

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