How Did Rhino7 Come to Be?


Rhino7 knows what it takes to make a franchise brand successful. With co-founders Doug Schadle and John Cohen at the helm, Rhino7 is the nation’s premier provider of franchisor sales and development services.

Through hard work, dedication, persistence and extensive backgrounds in franchise development and sales, Rhino7 has been helping franchisors grow their brands since 1999.

In their own words: Schadle and Cohen explain how this successful franchise development company came to life.

Where did your relationship begin?
COHEN: Our friendship began at Applebee’s in 1987. We were both working at the dining establishment right out of college.

SCHADLE: Applebee’s was our placeholder until we established our careers. Working there helped us understand the value of systems the franchisors must put in place to help their franchisees be successful.

COHEN: Then, in the early 90’s, I started a screen printing/ad specialty company with a longtime friend. While gaining experience in running my own business, Doug was perfecting the art of franchise sales and development in the franchise industry.

SCHADLE: After years of John running his own company and me being emerged in the franchise industry, we would catch up regularly by spending time at the gym, and I’d give him an earful of my franchising experiences. He became very intrigued with the franchising industry and decided he wanted to sell his business and get into franchise development. We both knew, after years of hands-on experience, there was a growing need for a company like Rhino7.

COHEN: Great Clips was our first client. We did well and loved working with the Great Clips team. Everyone there was professional and kind, and we established wonderful friendships that still exist today.

Where did the name Rhino7 come from?
COHEN: Rhino7 was formed in 1999 and just like our friendship, the Rhino7 name was created while we were having dinner and drinks at the Applebee’s where we first met. It was pretty simple for us, actually. We wanted a name that would potentially stand out if we did well so we came up with an animal that we thought was cool and strong (hence the Rhino), and then we decided to throw in a number, and not just any number, the lucky number 7.

SCHADLE: We were an organized franchise sales solution for franchisors with a team of people who knew what they were doing – that’s what we had developed over time. It wasn’t until somewhere around 2007 or 2008 that we transitioned into more of a franchise sales and development company. We recognized that every brand has issues and needs that must first be addressed and then implemented before working on the franchise selling strategy. We knew a stronger, more developed franchisor would lead to stronger franchisees. If you build an organized franchisee support infrastructure, you’re going to sell more franchises.

Who Were the First Employees of Rhino7?
SCHADLE: Brian Garoutte joined our team in 2001, and then a year later Rita Perkins hopped on board. Both are still working with us at Rhino7 and have been a huge part of our success.

Rhino7 means business. Starting from an early age in sales and entrepreneurship, both Schadle and Cohen now have a wealth of knowledge and experience that helps them take franchise brands to the next level.