We help create new franchisors out of existing businesses

We help create new franchisorsThere are literally thousands of moving parts that make a franchise concept successful. If you haven’t been through the franchise life cycle before – no matter how smart you are – you’ll make mistakes that will cost you a bundle. From fixing loopholes to redoing legal documents over and over again, unformed decisions will come back to haunt you, resulting in lost time and revenue.

Rhino7 will make sure you go through this process one time, getting it right from the beginning, potentially saving you from thousands of hours of work and millions of dollars in lost revenue, slower than expected franchise sales, poor performing franchisees, and much more. We’ll guide you on the critical path to success, providing the insight, knowledge, experience, and connections you need.

We offer a full life cycle relationship.

Unlike many franchise development firms that claim to have your best interests at heart, Rhino7 and your company will form a working and personal relationship that will last. You will find our experience and hands-on participation in your success will save you time and money from the first day we begin work, onward through the franchise growth process, and, if you desire, to the successful sale of your brand.

Our services will make your franchise successful.

Rhino7 provides a range of services unmatched in the industry. From high-level consultation (usually at no cost!) to a completely immersed relationship, you can look to Rhino7 for all the franchise and industry-specific information you’ll need to be successful. And, as an objective provider of information, resources, knowledge, and expertise, you’ll find our decision-making sound and in the best interest of the franchise. Remember, our success is totally based on your success.

Rhino7 provides the following services to our franchise partners:

  • Senior Level Consulting – Decades of invaluable experience
  • Legal Regulations – Federal, 50 states regulation knowledge, Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs), Item 19s
  • Territory Development – How to carve up the pie to make it the best possible offer
  • Operations Policies and Procedures – Doing it right the first time saves time and money
  • Real Estate – Acquisition, lease, and construction management consulting
  • Marketing – From brand development to locally managed execution for franchisees
  • Recruitment – Finding senior staff and VPs of Operations
  • Franchisee Operations – We help you make your franchisees successful

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