How to become a client of Rhino7

How To Become A ClientRhino7 invests thousands of senior-level man-hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the concepts we choose to work with. As you can imagine, we can’t apply our expertise to everyone who asks. So, we are very selective.

Before we engage with your concept, we’ll go through a rigorous evaluation process, looking at concept potential, long-term success factors, consumer and industry trends, year-round marketability, cost of development, current operations financials, the potential for growth, and franchisee success. This is a perfect way for Rhino7 to get a complete understanding of your brand and for you to get a solid feel for what Rhino7 is capable of.

So let’s talk.

We bring our expertise in franchising to the table, and you bring your expertise in your industry. Then we see if there’s a fit.

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If there’s a fit, here’s what you can expect from Rhino7:

  • We become your in-house Franchise Sales Division.
  • You get instant recognition and credibility in the broker community – lead flow increases almost instantly.
  • The quality of the prospective franchisees’ increases – better prospects mean less time selling to those who don’t qualify and increase the potential for your franchise’s success.
  • We can assist with senior-level hiring recommendation decisions, especially at the VP of Operations level, giving you more time to focus on what has made you successful in the first place.
  • We deploy an industry-leading, state-of-the-art presentation system and sales team to manage deal flow and closings more smoothly, better and faster.
  • We engage our team to create a well-branded, very marketable franchised business.
  • Your Brand will now “Mean Business.”

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