Franchises are Still Local Businesses


There’s an increasing movement in many cities, towns, and neighborhoods to encourage consumers to “buy local” or “shop small”. The concept behind this push is for shoppers to financially support small businesses within a community, in an effort to ensure more of the money they spend stays in that community.

There are websites, shopping directories, networking organizations, and even annual events committed to promoting shop local movements. Some of these may or may not include locally-owned franchises, but they should. Especially when you consider three of the top reasons shoppers frequent businesses near where they live and work.

Support the Community

Like other small business owners, franchise owners employ local people, providing them with salaries and benefits. And when a new business opens up, there are additional business opportunities for other residents, from contractors and construction workers to attorneys and accountants. Also, franchisees have to pay a franchise fee, taxes, and cover the cost of compliance with local ordinances, such as zoning, waste removal, and other safety codes.

Value Your Business

Every small business, whether it’s independently owned or a franchise, survives on a combination of things including their reputation, customer service, and repeat business. In the current economy and with the immediacy of customer service reviews online and on social media, owners and managers need to value your business.¬†And in the case of franchisees, they often have set customer service standards as well as mandatory training for staff members.

Make a Charitable Impact

The owners of a franchise business believe in community-related events and causes. They may choose to host annual events or fundraisers, or make donations to schools or local businesses. While some franchises do support national foundations, some of those donations are distributed on a local level.

Keep in mind that even a local business that is a part of a larger franchise organization operates a lot like any other small business. The owners of the franchise location are members of your community, and they need to be supported.