Franchise Sales Growth for Storm Guard, Rhino7

Storm Guard™ Insurance Restoration is one of the premier franchise opportunities offered by Rhino 7 Franchise Development Corporation. The Storm Guard business model consists of identifying homes that have sustained exterior damage as the result of storms, then making the repairs necessary for the restoration of roofing, siding, windows, and gutters to like-new condition.

storm-guard-logoThe Storm Guard franchise opportunity so intrigued Rhino 7 partners John Cohen and Doug Schadle that they became franchisees, thus adding a North Carolina presence to the Storm Guard franchise sales roster.

John Cohen said that business at his Raleigh-area Storm Guard office is phenomenal. “Doug and I have only been at it for a few months, but already our experience as a Storm Guard franchisee has exceeded our expectations,” he said. “We’re more convinced than ever that Storm Guard is one of the top franchise opportunities out there, period.”

A recent decision by Storm Guard President and founder Jim Linehan has boosted Cohen’s confidence in the brand even more. Recognizing the need for stronger day-to-day management, Linehan and Storm Guard have hired a seasoned executive to oversee Storm Guard operations. Cohen sees this as a critical step for Storm Guard’s growth, one bound to increase franchise sales.

“This kind of hire is no small investment for Jim Linehan,” he said. “It demonstrates the commitment that Jim has made to the Storm Guard brand. Rhino 7 assisted him in the search for the right individual for the job, and we all feel fantastic about finding Shannon [Santee, the new Executive Vice President of Operations]. In just a short time, Shannon has already made a significant difference, operationally. He has redefined roles and responsibilities within the Storm Guard organization. This makes it easier to get a quick and definitive answer or solution when franchisees, ourselves included, raise a question or encounter a problem.”

Cohen added, “As franchise opportunities go, this one is special. Doug and I are more excited about Storm Guard than ever. And I say that both as their franchise consultant, and as a Storm Guard franchisee.”