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As a national leader in franchise sales and development, we mean business

As a national leader in franchise sales and development we mean businessRhino7 was founded in 1999 by Doug Schadle and John Cohen, who both have extensive backgrounds in franchisor development, franchisee sales and marketing and franchisor royalty revenue generation. Franchisor brand growth (adding franchisees) is our specialty. We grow existing franchisors by selling franchisees, and we help create new franchisors out of existing businesses.

In both cases, we start by helping our clients to strengthen and enhance their existing support systems. We then leverage our knowledge and experience within the franchise industry, providing full-service capabilities, and excellent follow-through and support for our franchisor partners.

We do all of this with a level of honesty, integrity, and an all-in commitment to both you and your brand that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

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Full service or lip service?

Full service or lip serviceRhino7 is a true full-service franchise development company. Some companies make that claim, but when you take a hard look at what they really offer vs. what Rhino7 delivers through our Franchisor Assistance Program, you’ll quickly see that we’re the best choice, hands down.

Talk with our clients and you’ll begin to understand that once we make a commitment to you and your business, we mean business. Whether you need à la carte services or comprehensive support, we become a seamless part of your team. We believe accessibility and responsiveness are key tenets to running a successful business – not just in the beginning, but also throughout the life of a business relationship. And we have a solid history of building strong, long-term relationships with our clients.

That’s why we have an excellent reputation among the foremost networks of franchise consultants and brokers – a reputation earned by doing our homework, providing excellent service, and working our hearts out for our franchisor clients.

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