A Beautiful Opportunity to Help Others Look and Feel Good about Themselves


Who and What is Flirty Girl Lash Studio?

In 2010, Chrystal Rockwell moved to Dallas to be closer to her mother, who was undergoing chemo treatments. While in Dallas Chrystal decided to pursue what she loved most, which was the art of lashes. Chrystal dreamed of making eyelash extensions affordable and available to everyone–so everyone could have the opportunity to look and feel beautiful. With the help of her husband, Johnathan, Chrystal began her mobile lash business; going to private homes, setting up, and performing her lash extensions on-site.

The Rockwells were dedicated to creating an affordable luxury experience that catered not only to eyelash extensions, but also to other beauty services. By placing an emphasis on the customer experience, they created their salon with a distinctly upscale atmosphere and trained their employees to meticulously empower the customer.

Why the Eyelash Extension Industry?


In the $80+ billion beauty industry, Flirty Girl is the innovative leader, specializing in semi-permanent eyelash extensions and other luxury services that empower people, and build their confidence by helping them look good and feel good.

The eyelash extension industry began in 2004 and since then has transformed from being a fad to a trend to a booming business. In 2012, research company Mintel stated that 52% of women surveyed said they had regularly obtained eyelash extensions or eyelash tinting. In that same year, Women’s Wear Daily published an article stating that eyelash enhancements were leading sales growth in the beauty industry. Fox News also claimed that businesses were making over $55 million on lash sales in 2014. Since then, the industry has only grown in popularity and profit.

How Many Flirty Girls are There?


There are currently two Flirty Girl Lash Studios in Dallas, TX, with a third set to open in Ft. Worth, TX in 2018. Rhino7 is thrilled about Flirty Girl’s ROI.

Business Model Options

Single and multi-shop offerings: The owner runs the business part-time, overseeing the staff and growing the business.

Semi-absentee Business Model: The owner is trained to oversee and manage managers. Managers oversee the staff full time and help to grow the business.

Still in Growth Mode

Since the beginning, Flirty Girl has proven its rapid success by serving tens of thousands. Our business model creates a high recurrence of visits with our committed clientele coming frequently. The daily natural eyelash cycle occurs, creating a need for maintenance and reapplication of new individual lashes, and ongoing upkeep and repeat demand.


Eyelash extensions are gaining in popularity because it is a service that is difficult to replicate at home. This places Flirty Girl in a declining segment of businesses that are “Amazon Proof.”

With this in mind, Flirty Girl franchise owners are positioned for success with remarkable growth.

Learn more about Flirty Girl and this beautiful opportunity to help others look and feel good about themselves.

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