Success Story Update: PRO Martial Arts


Rhino7 loves to report on the success of its franchise brands. In a May 2014 blog post we talked about the meteoric success of client PRO Martial Arts (PMA), which continues its steady growth. Today, the company has 80 franchisees that own and operate 63 dojos that are either open or under construction. And with the recent addition of a National Sales Trainer to its staff, PMA is poised to accelerate growth in 2015 and beyond.

Promoting from Within

Promoting from WithinWhen Ryan Harford took a position as Program Director for the Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania franchise location of PMA, he never thought that in just 5 months he would become the company’s National Sales Trainer. The decision to promote him came when CEO Ed Samane recognized that the things Harford was doing as a Program Director to make Bryn Mawr successful could – and should – be applied to every PMA dojo across the country.

Ryan HarfordRyan Harford is a methodical thinker. He has a degree in Economics and Finance, played Division 1 football, and describes himself as being “very competitive.” As Program Director for the dojo, he quickly saw opportunities to standardize processes – something Rhino7 advocates for as a fundamental key to franchising success. Understanding that his number one priority was sales, he trained the studio’s instructors on the sales process so that everything was perfectly synchronized and methodically planned out. “The closer people follow this plan,” says Harford, “the more turnkey it is.”

And his efforts paid off. The Bryn Mawr studio quickly began to see a sharp increase in student enrollments. Samane took notice, and before long he was talking with Harford about joining the corporate team to apply his methods system-wide. The CEO knew that if he could “package” what the star Program Director was doing and have him train other PDs throughout the franchise, it would have a dramatic impact on both sales and operations.

A Blueprint for Success

A Blueprint For SuccessHarford’s first order of business was to create a Program Director Training Guide, to document in great detail all that he had been doing in Bryn Mawr. He worked very closely with Samane to create this blueprint, which meticulously breaks time down into segments, specifying what dojo employees need to do both inside the studio and out in the community. Harford now uses the guide as he travels around the country from studio to studio, training the Program Directors on how to train the rest of the staff and make the business as successful as possible.

Recently, Harford spent some time training the staff of the Cross Creek dojo located in Indian Land, South Carolina. The results? The studio saw an eight-fold increase in their student base. And this scenario is playing out again and again in PMA dojos throughout the franchise system.