Storm Guard: A Hot Franchise Opportunity, and Getting Hotter


In a business landscape crowded with thousands of franchise opportunities to consider, the Storm Guard™ Exterior Restoration business model stands out. Since last October, Storm Guard owners and management have put the pedal to the metal to accelerate the growth of the franchise. As a result, Storm Guard is stronger than ever.

Rhino7’s John Cohen says, “Storm Guard is poised for growth. The business model itself and the training given to new franchisees have always been Storm Guard’s strengths. Now, with the elements we’ve added and continue to add, we’re moving into the refinement stage of Storm Guard’s development. We’ve taken what we learned in the early stages and adjusted as necessary, and it’s made Storm Guard about as exciting a franchise opportunity as I’ve seen.”

Cohen said that a new infusion of significant working capital will give the brand a boost to the next level. Also, Storm Guard is working to establish a state-of-the-art executive management team. There’s already one GM on board and plans are in the works to hire one more, plus a number of other key positions.

It’s clear that Storm Guard is on the fast track for growth, but what’s happening today? Ask the current franchisees, Cohen says.

“They’re doing phenomenally well,” he says. “Brand-new franchisees are coming out of the gate and killing it. Almost every unit is hitting or exceeding projected sales numbers. This hasn’t happened without struggles and mistakes made by every single unit owner, of course. But that’s business – learning from your mistakes. I’d say all of the Storm Guard franchisees are happy to be in the business they chose.”