Staff Profile: Meet Brian Garoutte


Rhino7 is the nation’s premier provider of franchise development services, with the knowledge, experience, and honesty to guide a magnitude of brands. We might have a secret sauce for franchise success, but none of this success would be possible without those working on the daily behind-the-scenes tasks. As the first in a multi-part series spotlighting Rhino7 team members, meet Brian Garoutte, Sr. Vice President of Franchise Development. Brian has been part of the Rhino7 team since May of 2001 and has brought a great amount of value to our company and the franchise brands with whom we work.

Areas of Responsibility

Areas of ResponsibilityAs the Sr. Vice President of Franchise Development, Brian carries a broad range of responsibilities. He is primarily responsible for management and oversight of Rhino7’s team of Development Managers, who are “phone warriors” in constant contact with franchise brokers, and work closely with franchisee candidates during the detailed investigation process. Brian uses his many years of management and industry experience to provide overall direction and guidance to the Development Team. He also works directly with franchisee prospects, current franchisees, and franchisors.

A Path to Success

A Path to SuccessWhile working with Rhino7’s franchise brands and their assigned Development Managers, Brian also develops and coordinates the sales process. In addition, he rolls out the training programs and helps to improve closing ratios. Brian is responsible for assisting the Development Team in helping to ensure candidates have the necessary information to make an informed decision, along with working with the team to assist in managing candidates’ fears and concerns. In addition, Brian is responsible for updating Rhino7’s online portal that is used to educate prospects, and evaluating the team’s closing ratios and other metrics to see how far along candidates are getting during investigation phase. His work allows Rhino7 to continuously tweak and improve its franchise sales processes.

To the Rescue

To the RescueAlthough he has numerous areas of responsibility, Brian says his favorite part of his job is working with the Development Managers to help overcome issues. When a Development Manager runs into an issue in the process of selling a franchise to a prospect that is difficult to overcome, they will contact Brian to help address the issue and get the prospect over the hump. His strong ability to act as a facilitator and provide a different perspective is what Brian enjoys the most.

Brian Garoutte has been a key player in Rhino7’s success, as well as the success of many of Rhino7’s client brands. When Brian isn’t working, he enjoys outdoor activities like trout fishing, tennis, and snow skiing.

Brian Garoutte can be reached at 919-977-9519 or