We help the franchisor understand where they are and where they’re going, while increasing royalty production

We Help The Franchisor UnderstandWhether your franchise is just getting off the ground or a mature concept looking for some new life, Rhino7 will provide the insight, knowledge, experience and connections you need to get to the next level.

In fact, the Rhino7 Franchisor Assistance Program virtually guarantees your success. Over the past 20-plus years, the team at Rhino7 has nurtured, developed, launched and supported a range of successful franchises, from hair care to medical and many others. We have taken franchises in all phases of their life cycle, from pre-development of even the first unit, to concepts with more than 1000 units, and launched them into mega-growth mode.

Our extensive experience in franchise development, franchisee marketing systems, and franchisor royalty revenue generation will turn your path into one of positive growth, eliminating costly mistakes, inexperienced decision-making, and ineffective planning and execution.

Rhino7 Operations Support Services

Rhino7 Operations support services are aimed to complement the franchisors existing experience when it comes to being a growing franchisor.  Through a series of calls and webinars, one to two days per week or by way of assignment, we will provide specialized assistance without the economic or logistical issues of acquiring long-term assistance from another third party.  We bring real world experience from varying managerial backgrounds from the franchisor and franchisee sides of the business.  This knowledge will help franchisors develops systems and strategies as well as deal with real world franchisor issues to help build strong and profitable franchise units.

Rhino7’s role will be to coach and mentor the franchisor in the skills needed to develop a strong and scalable franchisee operational support structure.

Some of the main topics taught:

  • Proper Org Chart and Staff Flow
  • Corporate Business Planning
  • System Communication
  • Operational Communication with Franchisees
  • Startup Training and Ongoing Franchisee Support
  • Franchisee Business Planning
    • Standard Chart of Accounts
    • Monthly Trending
    • Franchisee budgeting and pro-forma
  • Franchisor Soft Skills Development
    • Problem Solving
    • Coaching
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Goal Setting
    • Situational Leadership

Rhino7’s goal is to help our franchisor partners build and execute a solid franchisee support system early on in the development of the franchisor and help the franchisor know and properly prepare for the stages of growth that lay ahead.

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